Where is your office located?

    823 Busch Court, Columbus, OH 43235.

    For reference, we are located in a small business park across from The Continent and about half a mile from the Budweiser brewery.

How does training work?

    Once you have passed our initial interviewing process, we will thoroughly train you on how to assemble the photo booths.

    Please note that all training is paid at $8 per hour.

    Once you have a general feel for the assembly, we will then ask you to accompany one of our experienced attendants on an actual gig. You will assist them and learn the role and responsibilities of how to run the gig.

    You will continue to do this until we feel you are ready to go out on your own...this will be solely my decision. This can take a few gigs but depends on each person and how fast they learn.

    Once you are fully trained and are able to work gigs on your own, you will make the same rate as all photo booth attendants which averages to be anywhere from $12 - $15 per hour.

    Remember, you get to keep all tips!

Do I have to pick up the photo booth equipment and take it in my car to the gig? Do I have to return the equipment?


    Once a new contractors is offered the position and is fully trained, they must be able to load our equipment into their own vehicle.

    The frame which is in four pieces and folds up nicely (and easily fits in the trunk of my Hyundai Sonata for reference). The rest of the supplies and equipment are in boxes and bins and they all fit in my front and back seat (I have a four-door car sedan).

    I am somewhat of an expert at packing the equipment in any type of car and will show you the best way to pack your car.

    If your vehicle is too small or not reliable, that will be a problem.

What does a gig pay and what is your policy for the time I drive to a gig?

    Pay usually ranges from $70 to $180 per event and depends on many factors such as the type of event, where the event is located, how long you have been with our company and the duration of the time we have been rented for each gig.

    We service most of our customers in the Columbus metro area but many gigs are out of town as well and some can be up to three hours away.

    As an example, let's say drive time to a gig should be two hours one way, you'd get $20 each way for drive time plus pay for working the gig tips. On average, you'll be paid about $10 per hour for drive time.

    Please let us know how far you will be willing to travel when you are first offered the position.

How will I be assigned a gig to work?

    I send out the schedule about every week so attendants can sign up for the gigs that they want to take.

    Usually it's first come first serve but people that have been working with me for the longest get priority of course.
    Remember, you will choose when you want to work.

How often will I be paid?

    Photo booth attends are paid per event and I will send you a paycheck once weekly.

    If you work three days in a row (for example), you get a check after the third gig....if you only work one, you'll get a check that night.

    I prefer not to write checks and would rather pay you using ZELLE or VENMO.

How should I dress? Do you have uniforms?

    I don't particularly like uniforms.

    For most events, usually black slacks and a white gray or black buttoned up collared shirt is fine. We want you to blend in as if you were a guest...bottom line, wear something clean, not loud, and conservative. Ladies, I do not recommend high heels as you will be on your feet for most of the gigs.

Will I be fed at a gig?

    Most gigs will feed you and I ask the customer if they will feed you and I will let you know what to expect in advance of the gig. FYI, for very formal events, you'll usually get served a very nice meal (most wedding vendors always get a meal at weddings).

    If you will not be fed a meal, please be sure to either bring something to eat or eat prior to leaving for your gig.

Am I considered an employee or a 1099 at-will independent contractor?

    All photo booth attendants are at-will 1099 independent contractors. This means you work when YOU want to work. Obviously, the more gigs you work, the more you will earn.

    As long as you consistently continue to do a great job, I will always send you more gigs. Believe me, I always follow up with every customer to ask them about your performance. However, if I feel that you are not representing us in the best light, you will not be given any future gigs.

    When you are paid, our company does NOT withhold any federal, state, local or social security taxes. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. At the end of each year, you will receive a 1099-Misc IRS tax form ONLY IF YOU EARNED MORE THAN $600 with our company during a calendar year. This, by law, will also be sent to the IRS so you will have to claim this income on your personal tax return.

    On the other hand, if you earned less than $600 with us in any given calendar year, you will not get a 1099-Misc IRS tax form meaning it is not reported to the IRS (again, by law) so basically, you don't have to claim this as income. Bottom line is to plan according to your own personal situation.

If I am offered the position, what paperwork will I need to complete?

    All new contractors must complete and sign:

    • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
    • Non-Compete Agreement
    • W-2 (IRS form)

Anything else I should know?


    I want people who:

    • care about their work and take an immense amount of pride in working for our company.
    • care about representing me, my business and my company's brand.
    • treat EVERY gig as if it was for your own family
    • are prompt and always on time
    • are well-groomed and are dressed appropriately and conservatively
    • do NOT wear too much cologne or perfume
    • serve with a pleasant but professional attitude
    • speak with proper grammar
    • smile and have a positive attitude
    • are responsible with our equipment
    • enjoy being around large groups of people who are having a good time
    • can work at a high level of excellence...without a boss breathing down your neck
    • want to experience the nicest venues around

    We were the first to offer photo booth rentals in the Midwest and are probably the most respected with a top notch reputation for excellence.

    I truly care about those who work for me. I truly care about every one of my customers. And our entire team just seems to care more than our competition...just read our customer reviews!

    We have 3x more than our nearest competitor...and after thousands of events, still have a 4.8 or 4.9 star rating across the board on online search engines and wedding/event and/or event portals/wedding groups.

    The only memory I want our customers to take away is what fantastic job WE DID to help THEM make fantastic memories.

    The photo booth and the photo prints are the end product...but our TEAM is the service and the brand that separates us from the herd.

    Generally, we are considered the best at what we do and I plan to keep it that way!!