Frequently Asked Questions

Simply choose your package, add any optional services you would like, complete and sign the rental agreement and pay your retainer (deposit). Voila! You’re done!

Your final balance must be paid in full no later than two weeks before your event.

You can always call us anytime at 614-961-8648 if you need assistance with finalizing your rental.

Normally, two hours is the minimum rental duration…however, there is NO LIMIT to the number of hours you can rent! Obviously, the price of your rental will depend upon the amount of time that you need.

Since 2008, we’ve proudly serviced the entire state of Ohio as well all five states sharing a border with Ohio.

Please note that a travel fee may be added depending on the distance we must travel from our office in Columbus, OH.

Not a problem! However, an appropriate electrical outlet must be within 100 feet of the booth (although 30 feet or less is preferred).

High winds and rain can affect our equipment so if the weather is not cooperating, we must be under a tent or covering of some sort.

Yes! We use state-of-the-art printers and easy to use touch-screen monitors. There are brief on-screen instructions to guide users as they start their photo booth session…just touch and go!

And don’t forget, our on-site photo booth concierge will be there to answer any questions you or your guests may have.

Yes. Our photo booths have been custom-designed for easy transportation and set up at ANY venue. Our equipment will fit through any door of any width as well as any elevator type or size.

Importantly, our photo booths are also wheelchair accessible.

Rest easy as we won’t just set up the photo booth, leave and let you hope for the best.

Your rental ALWAYS includes one or two professionally trained, on-site concierges who will stay with the photo booth throughout the duration of your event.

The photo booth concierge will ensure everything is running smoothly, assist your guests on how to use the booth, keep the area clean and make a memory book (for personal occasions).

Of course your photo booth concierge will also deliver, set up, and dismantle the booth when your event is completed. We’ve got you covered.

We offer photo prints in color, black & white or sepia (old-fashioned look).

When your guests enter the booth, they’ll touch style they’d like on our touch-screen monitors.

As the renter, if you’d like the booth to only print in color, no problem, we’ll program the booth to do so. In other words, you’ll tell us which color options you’d like to have and we’ll make it happen!

Once your guests have completed their photo booth session, their prints will be ready in seconds! Remember, our policy is that EVERYONE in the photo will receive a print…EVERY TIME!!

Also, our prints are very high resolution and are of the highest quality! We use an acid-free process called ‘dye-sublimation’ making them water-proof, smudge-proof and won’t fade over time ensuring that your precious memories will most likely last longer than you do!!

For personal events and celebrations (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, bar/bat mitzvahs), we’ll print an extra photo for the guest(s) of honor, place it in a memory book and ask the guests in the photo to sign a brief note of congratulations next to their photo!

Our memory books are 12″ x 12” and come in black, ivory, navy blue, red or chocolate brown colors which you will choose at the time of booking.

It’s an incredible keepsake that you’ll enjoy looking at for years to come!

Yes! All photos are yours and you will own the copy rights meaning you can do anything you’d like with your images!

All images will be given to you on a DVD or flash drive in high-resolution at the completion of your event.

We ask for at least 10′ x 10′ footprint in which to operate the photo booth; however, we can get away with only 8′ x 8′, although this is not ideal.

For our enclosed booth, the more space you can give us, the better!

For our green screens and open air systems, the space requirements would be slightly less.

Each rental packages comes with our standard photo strip size of 2″ x 6″.

For an extra fee, we also offer extra-long photo strips that  are 2″ x 8″.

We also offer 4″ x 6″ and 6″ x 8″ prints sizes (for an extra fee) as well. These larger prints are perfect for framing!

Unlike most of our competitors, all of our rentals include props at no extra fee!

After 10 years in business, we’ve accumulated a warehouse full of props and we’ll bring 20-30 hats (various colors, sizes and styles), 20-30 sets of glasses (various colors, sizes and styles), 5-10 feather boas (various colors), plenty of stick props (mustaches, lips, messages), as well as tiaras, bunny ears, wigs and other miscellaneous items!

Our props are sure to add tons of fun and excitement for your guests!

YES! Some renters prefer to not have the enclosed booth; instead, they just want a back drop…either way, the cost is same as the traditional enclosed photo booth or slightly less expensive.

Don’t forget, we also have LED booths as well as our extremely popular green screens!

An animated GIF is simply a conglomeration of the four individual photos taken from a photo booth session. When compiled, the animated GIF will show each photo for less than a second giving the appearance of movement.

There may be an extra fee should you want this option.

YES and if we do say so ourselves, our green screen photos are AWESOME!

If you’re not familiar with green screen technology, the subjects in the photo will stand in front of a literal ‘green-screen’ backdrop. This allows our software to remove the green in the background and super-impose it with ANY image (up to 12 different ones) of your choosing (which we will pick together at the time of booking)! The possibilities are truly endless!

Green screens are especially popular for themed-events. For example, having a movie-themed-Hollywood party, we’ve got tons of images! Having an Ohio State Buckeyes event, the selection of images we have are endless. Kentucky Derby party, tail-gating party, Disney party, 70’s Disco party…we’ve gotcha covered no matter what sort of an event you’re hosting!

The photos are truly incredible and extremely realistic.

Sure you can!

If you’d like to wrap the booth with your logo or any other imagery that you’d like people will see, we can do it and we call this ‘skinning’ the booth.

Extra fee applies and will depend on your specific needs. Best to call or email us for details.

You bet we will!

All of our rentals include free graphic design of what we call a ‘banner’. The banner is simply a graphic that will be included on the photo prints and usually describes your event. For example, most wedding couples will put their first names and a date and incorporate their wedding colors and fonts in the banner design.

We’ll send you an easy-to-use form and you’ll tell us what you’d like to say, the font (we have access to over 5,000) you’d like to use as well as colors and any other images you’d like to incorporate on your banner.

Once designed, we’ll email it to you so that you can either approve it or ask us to make changes. There are no change fees as we want you to LOVE your banner!

In addition to personal checks, we also accept major credit cards and PayPal? There will be a 3.5% processing fee added to all non-check and cash transactions.

Absolutely! In fact, we carry $2,000,000 in liability coverage.

Absolutely!! Isn’t that the way it should be?

For example, If 10 people enter the photo booth, all 10 will immediately receive a photo print!

Unfortunately, many other photo booth companies only print one or two photos no matter how many people are in the photo and if you’d like more, they’ll charge you extra! We think that’s ridiculous!!!

We average between 200 – 400 actual photos printed for most events….all at no extra cost to you!

Not at The Columbus Photo Booth Company!

The number of photos your guests can take and print is ALWAYS UNLIMITED during the allotted time you have reserved for your event.

Not a problem! In fact, we can print multiple copies of each picture on the spot because our printers are the fastest on the market today and will print in about 12 seconds!

In addition, all the photos from your event will be saved on a DVD or flash drive at NO CHARGE to you!

Our custom-designed photo booths are quite large! The more people that enter our photo booth, the more fun they seem to have.

By the way, the record is 16 but I do NOT recommend more than 10!!

Hey, records are meant to be broken…

Nope, all we need is a standard 120V / 15 AMP electrical outlet located within 100 feet of the booth.

On average it takes about 75 minutes to unload our equipment and assemble the photo booth.

Let’s say you’d like the booth to available for your guest to use at 5:00 PM. In this case, we’ll arrive around 3:45 PM to begin setting up.

For an extra fee, we offer an ‘early set-up’ option. This means that we’ll have the booth set up well before your scheduled start time. This is very useful if you’d like to avoid a distraction in case your guests will already be at your event during normal set up.

As always, please ask us about ‘early set-up’ and we’ll be happy to make our best recommendation based on your event timeline.

A MOSAIC is an image made up of many smaller images.

For our purposes, we’ll take each individual photo from your event and make a MOSAIC image out of them. You tell us what the image should be and the size you’d like, and we’ll make it happen. We can even frame it for you!

For more details, please visit the ‘MOSAIC’ page in the ‘Booths & Services’ section of our website.

Our ‘Royal Treatment’ option is a great way to show off the booth to your guests as we’ll bring a red carpet and 6-8 polished silver stanchions with red velvet roping.

The look is very elegant and will help you and your guests will feel like movie stars being following by the paparazzi!

Additional fee will apply for this option.

We sure do and they will save you a lot of money.

For details, please visit the ‘BUNDLES’ section of our website.

Many corporate, private and non-profit clients!

Great reputation for excellence with many awards won!