Henna Tattooists


$150/hr per artist (no discounts for multiple tattooists)
$30/hr premium will be added for all events on a holiday, for the two weekends prior to Easter, for the entire week before and after July 4th, the entire month of October and the first two Saturdays in December.
Two hour minimum if the event is taking place at the Columbus Zoo, at the Ohio Fairgrounds during the Ohio State Fair and for events taking place in the downtown Columbus area during Red White and Boom
Travel fee will apply for events that are more than 40 miles from Columbus, OH
If there is a fee for parking, it must be paid by the client


Our highly experienced and very talented tattooists will wow your guests with incredible designs!


Henna tattoos are NEVER a good choice for a pool party because you cannot swim for 24 hours after a henna application
We only use natural Henna which is ALWAYS brown!
Henna is not for children!
Henna can be for teens and tweens, so it is not out of the question for a bar or bat mitzvah, however, wet henna takes 20 minutes to dry, and will stain clothing, table cloths, purses, furniture...we cannot be responsible for any of these issues that may occur.
Airbrush tattoos with henna-like designs are a better option as they are instantly dry.
Tattooing 10 to 12 individuals is a realistic maximum per hour

We DO have products that have color in them! They do not stain the skin but are all a type of tattoo and we can make
them look like a henna design with color BUT THEY ARE NOT henna.


Tattooists will bring their own tables and chairs
Area must be free of any and all tripping hazards and no furniture
We will bring a catalogue of designs from which your guests can choose


5' x 5' area of space
Being set up inside is ALWAYS preferred
If event is outside, it must be less than 90℉, the space must be level and the artists must be under a covering
of some sort which must be provided by the client